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Registered Massage Therapy

This treatment is designed to use enough pressure to access the deeper muscles in order to alleviate your pain. Most patients who seek this sort of treatment has had consistent pain over a long period of time and need this type of pressure to feel relief.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

Pregnancy can take quite the toll on a woman’s body. This treatment is used to help ease the aches and discomfort that come along with pregnancy and/or birth.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

As the average person ages, their body and posture changes over time. This treatment focuses on using techniques to allow the aging process to be easier and to increase range of motion.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

Although many believe that stress is more of a mental discomfort, stress causes physical pain and very tense muscles. This treatment leaves you feeling calm in mind and body.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

These techniques use firm pressure in specific areas where the therapist finds tension in taut muscles. Although, this treatment can be painful and uncomfortable, it is very effective to reduce the “knots” in your muscles.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

There are great benefits for children starting the day they are born. From teething to growing pains, this treatment helps with their growth development and any discomforts along the way.

$50 (Up to 25 mins) *0-36 months* 
$65 (30 Minutes) Ages 3 and up

Add Ons

$29.99 (15 mins)



$70 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $110 (60 mins)

Osteopathy is a branch of medical practice that emphasizes the treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of the bones, joints, and muscles. One Can come to an osteopath with all the same health issues as other healthcare practitioners but will experience different techniques. Every treatment treats the whole body with focus on the areas that need it. This is done through many years of experienced palpation and knowledge.
The Benefits of Osteopathy are:
Our osteopathy physician works on all ages starting at 3 months old.
Massage Therapy

$50 (30 mins) / $65 (45 mins) / $85 (60 mins) / $110 (75 mins) / $130 (90 mins) / $160 (120 mins)

$105 (60 mins) / $125 (75 mins) / $145 (90 mins) / $175 (120 mins)



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At JC Valleys Wellness Clinic, we offer a full range of speciality massage therapy by an experienced RMT, who personalizes her care to each patient’s individual needs at every age of life. 

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